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Auto Injury Insurance Claims, Part III

A Dropping Reimbursement Ratio, Part II: Making it Personal Billed charges for MRI’s showed a median of $2,194 per Bodily Injury claimant, while actual payments that the injured person received were $1,410. This is a 34% reduction, or, to state it differently, in this scenarios the injured people were left to pay 34% of their...
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Auto Injury Insurance Claims, Part II

A Dropping Reimbursement Ratio, Part I: Higher Charges, Lower Payments With all the proof of rising costs that came out in the 2014 IRC report, one would naturally assume that auto accident insurance claims settlements and payouts were rising, as well. Unfortunately, that is not what the data reflects. The reimbursement ratio has declined steadily...
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Auto Insurance Injury Claims, Part I

Life in general is more expensive than it was in 1977, or 1987, and the IRC results show that it’s also more expensive for a person to be “made whole” after an auto accident. In many cases, more technologically advanced methods of treatment and diagnosis are being used, and these result in higher charges to...
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Auto Injury Insurance Claims, Introduction

Unfortunately, auto injuries are something many people have experienced in their life. Sadly, too, many people can testify to how hard their pocketbook gets hit when a car accident results in injury. The Insurance Research Council recently published an updated study of nationwide trends in treatment, cost and compensation for victims of auto injuries. This...
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Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Many people ask “Why should I hire an attorney – won’t that just leave less money for me?” I understand the concern in theory, but the reality does not match that theory. There is a growing body of research which shows that injured people who hire an attorney receive much more money on their claims...
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Three Big Reasons to Hire Joyce Law Firm

Lawyer-Represented people get 3.5 times more on average than non-represented people. Auto Injuries: Claiming Behavior and Its Impact on Insurance Costs – Insurance Research Council (1999). Knowledge/Experience – We know the law; we have successfully handled hundreds of injury cases; we have handled all types of injury cases: truck, bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian;...
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